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Liver Brownies (2pcs)

Freeze Dried
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Texture is soft and loose

Contain high protein and low carbs.

Two Flavour, Beef or Poultry Liver.

Beef brownie is made of grass feed lean beef with home cooked pumpkin, which provides significant absorbable protein and natural food fibre.

Liver is an excellent resources of absorbable vitamins and minerals for dogs and cats. If your fur kids reject regular liver treat, he/she must try our liver brownie. Bitter bile are removed before cooking which significant improved the flavour. All liver are fine grind to get rid of the sandy rough taste. Hope our furry kids like eating liver from here.

Keep in a cool & dry place for about 3-6 month or feed it within 30 days after open.


Beef/ Chicken or Duck Liver, Chicken Breast, Greek Yoghurt, pumpkin, Carob, Egg, Organic Chiaseeds or Flaxseeds, Yeast, Psyllium Husk. a few drop Beetroot for pink colour.

Please note this product is made in a facility that process other products and may contain trace of nuts, coconut, sesame, dairy, wheat, fish, beef, chicken or egg.

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