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Pizza 2 slices

Freeze Dried
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Contain 2 slices of pizza. Texture is soft and loose. Easily break into small pieces even crumbs.

Each batch is slightly different look because we use seasonal topping.

Store at a cook & very dry place at room temperature for 6 months. Always store in a sealed container and feed within 30 days after open.

*Please note this product might break into pieces but quality and taste are not affected.

Australian Chicken Breast, Chicken Heart and Eggs: High quality and easy-digest protein, also taste very good.

Greek Yoghurt: tons of probiotic help digestive system works.

Pumpkin: aid digestion  

Seasonal Organic Veggies and Fruit: yummy and nutritious fresh vegetable and fruit to decorate pizza.

Yeast: high Vitamin B which helps gut to grown stronger.

That's it. Totally grain free low carbs. Healthy and yummy.

Please note this product is made in a facility that process other products and may contain trace of nuts, coconut, sesame, dairy, wheat, meat, fish, or egg.


Available for purchased directly in store.

Available for shipping by parcel within Australia.

Available for direct delivered by Delivery Person to most suburbs in Melbourne.

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